LegalCustomer Complaint Policy


This document establishes the corporate policy and standards for responding to Client complaints made against King Cunningham, LLC.


All King Cunningham, LLC employees are responsible for promptly and seriously addressing any complaint made by a Client against King Cunningham, LLC or its employees.

A Complaint is defined as a communication from a Client of the Firm expressing a dissatisfaction with an action taken or omitted by the Firm and for which the Client wishes to file written documentation with the Firm.

Any employee receiving a communication from a Client (via phone, fax, e-mail, or in person) that has a Complaint must:

  • Remain courteous at all times and, under all circumstances, refrain from engaging in argumentative behavior with the Client regardless of the nature of the complaint or the conduct of the Client.
  • Completely and accurately document information pertinent to the Complaint in writing.
  • Ask the Client if they wish to speak to a supervisor.
  • Escalate the call to a supervisor if.
    • It becomes clear the Client wishes to pursue a formal complaint
    • The employee feels unable to further assist the Client
    • The customer indicates that they wish to speak to a supervisor
  • Not confirm, discuss, or reveal the Client’s -specific information to or with anyone other than the Client without confirmation of the caller’s identity as the Client  in question and written authorization on file
  • The Business Manager will inform the Client that he or she may contact the Business Manager as a single point of contact, at any time to discuss the Complaint.

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